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So what exactly is the TUUBEZZ G- and Universal Tube belt?

The TUUBEZZ G-Tube belt and the TUUBEZZ UNIVERSAL belt are the most effective ways to ensure comfortability and ease of control for the G-Tube and all enternal feeding tubes. The Tuubezz belt secures the G-Tube and the UNIVERSAL secures all other tubes while sleeping, bathing, restroom visits and everyday living. The Tuubezz belt protects the area of insertion from pulls and awkard placement of the enternal feeding tubes. The Tuubezz belt keeps the area of insertion clean and offers easy access for daily feeding and storage. The Tuubezz belt eliminates the need for safty pins, tape, rubberbands or wrapping around undergarments to keep out of the way. Just put on the Tuubezz belt and enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that the G-tube and ALL other tubes are easily accessable and ready to use. The Tuubezz belt is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for softness, absorbancy, and will always keep its shape. Machine wash and tumble dry.


Patient wearing instructions for TUUBEEZ

  1. Wrap the belt around the waist with the buttonhole placed at the point of tube insertion, by belly button.
  2. Secure side adjustment with the Velcro(hook and loop) for a comfortable fit.
  3. Unfold first layer of belt and pull the G-tube thru buttonhole and secure under bar so that the Tuubezz belt is next to the body.
  4. Lay the G-tube along fold of belt and wrap so beginning is back in front of the belly button.
  5. Bring top layer of belt back over tube until the tube is completely covered by belt.


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Code A9270 Meaning:

  • It can withstand repeated use
  • It is effective with respect to items classified as DME after Jan 1, 2012, has an expected life of at least 3 years
  • It is primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose
  • It is generally not useful to an individual in the absence of illness or injury
  • It is appropriate for use in the home