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 What People Are Saying

“I love the comfort of the belt. I was wrapping my G-tube with rubber bands to protect the tube from my dogs jumping up on me and getting caught up on the tube. The bulge in my shirt made it a problem for me being accused of shop lifting because it looked like I had store merchandise tucked into my coat. I am very active, own a refrigeration shop and got my freedom back when wearing the TUUBEZZ product.”

“I love the ability to bathe, the ease of feeding and other activities when the tube is stabilized by the TUUBEZZ belt. I used to use a large safety pin to secure the G-tube to the inside of my shirts. I am amazed at the comfort of the TUUBEZZ during sleeping. It was the first sound sleep I had since using the TUUBEZZ because I was always afraid of accidentally pulling the G-tube out at night.”

After a patient came in for a check-up wearing the TUUBEZZ belta Cleveland Medical Center nurse automatically called me asking when she could get a couple of TUUBEZZ belts for her and two of her colleagues to put on their patients. She put the TUUBEZZ on a patient and she loved it and couldn't wait for us to get her more.

A patient at the Wadsworth Pointe Nursing Home said, “I adore my TUUBEZZ belt. I had my G-Tube tucked in the waistband of my pants. The area was sore from all the pulling on the G-tube. The hospital gave me a huge, stiff abdominal binder to use to stabilize my tube. The TUUBEZZ is fantastic!”

A nurse at Wadsworth Pointe Nursing Home said that one of the male patients man stretched his G-tube out of the neck of his hospital gown to keep it in place.

A Doctor from Green, Ohio, loves the TUUBEZZ belt and called it “fantastic and life changing”.

Another customer tucked her G-tube in the pocket of her jeans to hold it in place. She was so excited to wear the TUUBEZZ out of the house and not have to worry about the placement of the tube or it coming loose.


Note: These testimonials are from actual patient and caregiver comments. Sources furnished on request.